Yogapants How to choice best yogapants

In fact, in addition to the choice of brand and design yoga wear, after you eliminate these factors, how to find some more suitable for their own yoga wear and yogapants

The fabric must be breathable                                                      The fabric of the yoga suit must be breathable. we need do a lot of warm-up before practice yoga.Warm-up after the body will sweat a lot.If the fabric is not breathable and does not absorb sweat, a steamer will form around the body.Concealment is very bad for the body.So everyone in the purchase of yoga clothes, must pay attention to the chemical fiber type of fabric is certain to refuse.Cotton and linen is the basic choice, but while linen is good for air permeability, it doesn’t contract, and your clothes tend to fall off during practice.You can choose to mix cotton and linen, adding a little lycra material to ensure elasticity is a good choice

The design must be close-fitting                                                  The design must be close to the body, and a loose-fitting yoga suit should not be chosen for two reasons: 1. The loose-fitting yoga suit has no problem when performing the postures such as horizontal or back bending.However, when doing handstands, the clothes are easy to slip off, exposing the clothes and interior, which is very unelegant.2. Loose-fitting clothes tend to mask your asanas &make it difficult to see if you’re in position

It ‘s best that choose short sleeve top & trousers yoga sports as far as possible.There are many styles of yoga, in addition to the basic close-fitting short-sleeved trousers, as people’s needs change.And the weather is slowly getting hot, people will choose some vest style.If some people go to the seaside for vacation, in the pursuit of beauty, many people will still choose the bikini.In fact, none of this is true.Because when you practice yoga, it usually takes two to three hours for us to fully experience, warm up and asana progression.There will be brief breaks in between.If tank tops, especially bikinis, it’s easy to catch a cold .Short sleeved pants, to meet your cooling needs, but not a burden on the body.